2019 SEL Exchange Program (Online Version)

Breakout Sessions 48 | S OCIAL & E MOTIONAL L EARNING EXCHANGE 2019 Day 2 - Friday, October 4, 2019 Mid-Day Session 11:25am - 12:35pm So We Have State Benchmarks, Now What? A New York State Story Session focus area: Practice Secondary focus area: Policy Topic: Implementing statewide policy at the local level For over a decade, New York State has built a whole child/whole school approach to SEL that includes K-12 SEL benchmarks, guidance documents for districts, a school climate index, and a new law requiring mental health education at all grade levels. As these roll out, the immediate follow-up questions from districts are: What do we do next and how does SEL align with our other work? In this session, participants will learn how three districts—one urban, one suburban, and one rural—are using the SEL benchmarks as an organizing framework to systemically approach educating the whole child. The Current State of SEL in OST: Learnings From Recent National Efforts to Support High-Quality SEL in Out-of-School Time Session focus area: Practice Secondary focus areas: Research, Policy Topic: Out-of-school time and community-based partnerships Join us to hear funder, practitioner, and research perspectives on the intentional and explicit integration of SEL into out-of-school time (OST) contexts. From these perspectives, presenters representing the Wallace Foundation, the Denver SEAL Initiative, Committee for Children, and the National AfterSchool Association will discuss the current state of SEL in OST settings, key questions and challenges the field is facing, and important lessons learned from recent efforts to bring high-quality SEL to OST contexts. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and share their experiences with the group at large. This session is best suited for educational leaders, practitioners, policy-shapers, and funders—but all are welcome! The Fifth Core: A Dedicated Course Approach to SEL Session focus area: Practice Topic: Innovations in evidence-based practices Join this student- and teacher-led dynamic workshop exploring the content, application, and long-term impact of a research- and evidence-based social and emotional learning freshman seminar dedicated course. This course has not only helped reduce freshman failures by 41% and freshman discipline referrals by 71% over a four-year span, but also increased significant long- term positive impacts for students. This dedicated course approach has spread rapidly to many other schools across the US. The workshop will be led by the creator/teacher of the class and two former students who went from “at risk” to elite colleges. Location/Room Architecture Speakers Elizabeth Devaney Children’s Institute Deborah Leh Wheatland-Chili Central School District Caitlin Orbanek Children’s Institute Carri Manchester New York State Department of Education Location/Room Biology Speakers Heidi Ham National AfterSchool Association Katherine Lewandowski Wallace Foundation Miranda Cook Denver Office of Children's Affairs Jasmine Williams Committee for Children Location/Room Technology Speakers Rudolph Matheny SEL Launchpad/Austin Independent School District Roy Rayos Teacher Miranda Gershoni Duke University Class of 2022 YP